Get 50 Cashback from Paytm merchant app [all users]

Get 50 Cashback from Paytm [verifyed]

You need to accept payments from 2 more customers to earn 50 cashbacks

Follow these steps

•  open Paytm/Paytm merchant app.

•   then click on cashback option .
•   then activate cashback offer.

•   once you activated you get only  29 days for this offer.

•   then accept 2 payment with minimum transaction value 20 RS from a coustomer/Paytm user.

•   accept only payment via Paytm merchant QR code.

•   you finish 2 payments you get 50 cashback to you merchant back account.

Paytm official terms and conditions:

 Offer Terms & Conditions :

   Offer Eligibility

*Offer is valid for selected merchants registered with Paytm .   

*Merchant needs to activate offer in order to be eligible Offer Details Offer is valid on payments accepted using Paytm QR Code of the merchant during the Offer Period .

*Merchant needs to accept payments from minimum 2 unique customers to be eligible for the offer .

*Merchant needs to accept payments on at least 2 days in a month to be eligible for the offer .

*Minimum amount of each payment should be 20 Cashback will be credited in the merchant's registered bank account.

 *In cases of fraudulent/suspicious transactions Paytm solely reserves the right to revoke the offer. 

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